There is no such thing as a ‘free’ survey.

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Wherever you need help with property preservation throughout London and the Home Counties, Crownstone have local surveyors and technicians based near you.  For more than 20 years, Crownstone have been experts in all matters of property preservation and damp proofing, providing high quality, robust and cost-effective solutions to your property preservation concerns.  Our highly qualified and dedicated team are here 24/7 to support our residential and commercial customers.  Protecting you is what we do.

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No such thing as a free lunch

A common question that we get is, ‘Why aren’t your surveys free?’

The truth is, no survey is ever truly free. No employee goes to work for nothing and so, at some point, somebody is going to be paying for the cost of the surveyor who attends your property. And who do you think that person is going to be? That’s right, it’ll be you. Either through highly priced works that have the survey cost built into them; the quantity of the defective locations being quantified using a rubber tape measure or the defects themselves being overstated in the report and scope of treatment.

We don’t work this way, we work in an open and transparent manner that is fair for everyone. This is our promise to you:

Our surveys are independent, removing any vested interest that we might have in winning the remedial works. This means we will never need to overstate the extent of the defects in your building, and that you will never have to pay for more work than actually needs to happen. 

A Crownstone survey will tell you exactly how to fix the problem and what you need to do next, with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. 

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